INDOOR - Update 1-10-20
Saturday, January 11, 2020

Good Evening SBYSL Families!


SBYSL has provided a team shirt to all players. We are asking our players to wear their team shirt and shorts (or long pants if preferred), socks, shin guards (mandatory & must be worn under socks), flat bottom shoes

A reminder – no fitbits, watches, bracelets (except medical), necklaces, hoop or dangling earrings are allowed to be worn during games. Please help to remind your player to remove them before he/she takes the field.

Game Time:

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time to meet with your team. There will be very little time (if any) to warm up before game time. All players are expected to arrive on time and ready to play. The Myers has a concession stand, but please bring water just in case they are not staffed.

Pool Players:

We are still looking for players to participate in the “Pool”. If you find it easier to just email the league the name of your player interested in being part of the pool, please do so. The form is not mandatory and it is not mandatory for our players to participate in the Player Pool.

Inclement Weather:

SBYSL will be working with the Myers Staff regarding inclement weather on game days. Please monitor emails, our facebook page and our website (

SBYSL Team Drafting Process:

SBYSL is receiving feedback regarding the season’s drafted teams. SBYSL has draft rules we share with our volunteer coaches at the initial coach meeting and during the drafting process.

Players are ranked before draft. The player agent, along with the coaches, go through the lists of all players and using a point system, rank each player. The information provided on the registration is also used (club player, years played, new to league). The coaches pick their teams. Ultimately, all our coaches want the teams to be even as possible with players of all skill levels. Teams may look great on paper, but overall, no one has an idea of how well the players will work together until the season is underway.

Our league is growing, and with growth we experience “Growing Pains”. Each season we find we need to adjust our rules to better the league. What works one year, may not work the next. SBYSL continues to be a work in progress. We are open to new ideas and more volunteers to move us forward.

Cindy will be at the Myers for most of the day on Saturday. If you have any concerns, you can address them with her and she will share the feedback with the SBYSL Board.

Myers Rules:

No running in the facility

No ball playing in the lobby

No chewing gum

No food allowed on the field, water only

No cleats

No sitting or climbing on the railings – USE THE STAIRS!


Information for our family & friends:

No one is allowed in the player bench area unless they are on the team.

Parents are to stay in the stands – only 2 coaches in the player bench area

Spectators and children are not allowed behind the goals

No one is allowed on the fields during half time. Please remind our siblings to stay in the stands.


And most of all – Be Encouraging to all our players – we are all there to have FUN!!!!


Reminder – you can find updates on our website ( and our facebook page: the official south Baltimore youth soccer league


If you need to reach us – email is the best


Have a great season!