Indoor Update 1-13-22
Thursday, January 13, 2022

Greetings Coaches, Players and Parents!

Thank you to everyone who were able to make it to the Myers last weekend. 

SBYSL is scheduled to play this Saturday, January 15th

If you have time this weekend, please give the Ref Squad some gratitude. They were not pre-warned of the vents and fans being on last week, so they did not “dress for the weather” for the early games. Some of them endured the cold for 4-6 hours. 

As a reminder: 

ALL players, coaches, refs and spectators will be required to wear a mask - even on the field. 

We are asking our families to limit spectators to 2 per family. 

To help with short sided teams - we are asking coaches to have their players bring their team color shirt and an extra shirt of the same color of the opposing team. If one team is short, then we can "pick teams" between the 2 groups in attendance. 

We know some of our players may become more tired because of mask wearing. We are going to allow Coaches to have a third adult (coach/team parent) to be in the open area outside of the bench to help spread out players and monitor and allow players to remove masks to get a break. 

The Myers will be opening the ceiling vents and running fans in the playing area to circulate the air. The field will be very cold. Please dress your players in layers. If the temp outside is cold, expect the field and spectator area to be cold. 

Families, we are asking you to err on the side of caution and do what is best for your immediate family. Please contact your coach each week and let them know if your child will be participating in his/her game. 

Covid Restrictions at the Myers Pavilion (subject to change):

EVERYONE entering the facility MUST sign in on the Baltimore City Recs & Parks form for contact tracing

EVERYONE entering the facility will be subject to temperature checks

EVERYONE entering will need to wear a mask

Spectators will be required to wear masks in the stands 

SBYSL will work with Baltimore City Parks and Recs and the William J Myers Pavilion to do our best to keep our SBYSL players, volunteers and families safe. 

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to help with the check in process. We have started a Google Form for you to fill in. We would appreciate you taking a shift (or more) to help us. 

Please add your names and emails to this Google Form:



This virus is continually changing. SBYSL is committed to the safety of our players and volunteers.

  • Please, if you or your child are not feeling well, STAY HOME
  • Participation in any group activities is only allowed if you have had no signs or symptoms of Covid-19, no signs/symptoms that may have been Covid-19, have not been exposed to someone who has had signs or symptoms of Covid-19 for a minimum period of 10 days before participation (Subject to change)
  • Spectators are encouraged to say 6 feet apart and masking is required indoors
  • There will be no team huddles
  • Players should not be sharing water bottles, snacks or equipment
  • There will be no handshakes or high fives during & after games. At the end of each game teams will line up and acknowledge each other with “Good Game”


All Game Days:

Players should arrive 20 minutes prior to game time in full uniform (shirts, shorts, shin guards, socks and flat bottom shoes). Please remove all jewelry, fit bits and watches. Please allow time to check-in at the Myers. Upon arrival at the Myers, and after check-in, players will be directed to the far sides of the Spectator Areas. DO NOT congregate at the entrances to the spectator area. We want to maintain social distancing for everyone. Players are expected to arrive on time to start their game. There will not be much time for a warm up. Games start at the scheduled time. We do not wait for anyone. If you are late, your team may need to forfeit.

We are asking all our SBYSL families, players, coaches, to refrain from lingering in the lobby area. Once your arrive, please move to the spectator area and once games are over, please exit the facility.


Parking is available on the lot next to the Myers and street parking on West Bay. Please do not leave valuables in your cars. There have been incidents of theft from cars in the past in that area.


Myers has had their concessions open so far this season. However, players are encouraged to bring enough water/Gatorade to last the duration of their game. 

Myers Rules:

No running in the facility

No ball playing in the lobby

No chewing gum

No food allowed on the field, water only

No cleats

No sitting or climbing on the railings – USE THE STAIRS! 

Information for our family & friends:

No one is allowed in the player bench area unless they are on the team.

Parents are to stay in the stands

Spectators and children are not allowed behind the goals

No one is allowed on the fields during half time. Please remind our siblings to stay in the stands. 

And most of all – Be Encouraging to all our players – we are all there to have FUN!!!! 

MANY THANKS to the parent volunteers this season. SBYSL truly appreciates our parents taking time from their busy schedules to assist in our league. 

See you at the field!! 



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