Friday, December 17, 2021

Greetings SBYSL Families

SBYSL is well aware of the unexpected outbreak of Covid cases in the communities.

Our games scheduled for Saturday, December 18th will be played as scheduled. 

For this weekend only, please following the directions below:

We are asking our families to please follow all guidelines presented by the CDC, Maryland Health Department and the Baltimore City Health Department

SBYSL has our Covid guidelines - though they may be a bit outdated, they still are what we are following at this time:


This virus is still lingering. SBYSL is committed to the safety of our players and volunteers.

  • Please, if you or your child are not feeling well, STAY HOME
  • Participation in any group activities is only allowed if you have had no signs or symptoms of Covid-19, no signs/symptoms that may have been Covid-19, have not been exposed to someone who has had signs or symptoms of Covid-19 for a minimum period of 14 days before participation (Subject to change)
  • Players and volunteers have the option to wear masks on the field.
  • Spectators are encouraged to say 6 feet apart and masking is required indoors
  • There will be no team huddles
  • Players should not be sharing water bottles, snacks or equipment
  • There will be no handshakes or high fives during & after games. At the end of each game teams will line up and acknowledge each other with “Good Game”

If you knowingly have a child who is not feeling well, may be showing signs of Covid or has been exposed to someone with Covid, PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME!!!

If you child was part of one of the Baltimore City Public Schools "pool testing" and has been requested by the school to quarantine at home - PLEASE STAY HOME!

Do not rush to get a PCR just for Saturday's games. Save energy & time to keep your family healthy and prepare for the holidays.

Even if your child is fully vaccinated - if they were exposed - keep them home this week. Let's play it safe!! 

If you are otherwise healthy, symptom free - we look forward to seeing you on Saturday - bring a mask for in the facility and in the stands - and it is OK for children to wear masks while playing and in player bench areas.

No worries on short sided teams. SBYSL is prepared for this to happen this season. Remember, we are a Rec League! It is just for FUN, but we want everyone to be healthy!!!

Over the holiday break, the SBYSL Board will examine our protocols and make changes based on guidelines from the health departments, especially as it pertains to vaccinated individuals.